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TUSONGE is a Tanzanian NGO that works with marginalized groups in the grassroots communities of Kilimanjaro region.  The organisation started its work in 2011 in Moshi Municipality and the Majengo ward in six hamlets. TUSONGE’s mission is to enable disadvantaged women, men, youth and people with disabilities (PWDs) “to create prosperity, health, freedom and contribute to a vibrant and sustainable economy”.  TUSONGE’s projects focus on three key areas; Women’s Economic Empowerment, Human rights Education and Child protection.  Tusonge believes that there is ability in disability and facilitation and leadership support is needed to enable PWD to transform from a condition of poverty to a dignified standard of living.  TUSONGE’s five-year strategic plan (2014-2018) sets the target that under the Economic Empowerment, 5% of beneficiaries reached are PWDs. They currently support one group of 40 PWDs (5 men, 35 women) with a focus on commercial agriculture and livestock keeping. TUSONGE is a Swahili word meaning that “let’s advance or let’s move forward together”

If you are interested in Volunteering at TUSONGE, then download the form bellow fill and send it to info@tusongecdo.org