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Aginatha F. Rutazaa

Executive Director

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She is a Social Scientist with a Masters in Community Economic Development, acquired in 2009. She is the founder and first Managing Director of TUSONGE, since its inception in 2011.
She possesses leadership, organization development facilitation and action research skills. She is will conversant with the application of Human Rights based approach in all community interventions.

She is fluent in both English and Swahili languages.
Mrs. Rutazaa is a widow surviving with two girls.

Lilian H. Maro

Administrative Secretary and Communications Officer 

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She is in charge of all communications at TUSONGE as well as administrative support to the Managing Director. She supports the Accountant through her position as the Cashier.

Her strengths include excellent command of all computer programs.
She is married with three children.

Ayubu J. Akyoo


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He graduated from the Institute of Financial Management (IFM) and has an extensive background in financial management with community-based project since 2013.

He is in charge of all TUSONGE finances and procurement of organization resources following prevailing policies.

Omega Mchaki

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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She acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development in 2013 from Tengeru Institute of Development based in Arusha.

She is responsible for planning and developing all M & E tools for TUSONGE projects as well as providing feedback to the team on change within the projects based on the assessment indicators.

She facilitates ongoing capacity building for Community Monitoring and Evaluation teams to better support TUSONGE in tracking changes within their own communities. She is directly linked with the Director’s office and offers technical advice and feedback regarding organizational resources and results obtained to ensure that the decision-making process is through and proper.

Omega is fluent in both English and Swahili.
She is married with two children.

Consolata Kinabo

Human Rights Coordinator

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She holds a Master’s Degree in International Law and Human Rights and has rich experience in the field of legal and human rights.

She is in charge of TUSONGE’s human rights programmes which began in 2014.The program includes women, youth and children. She has worked as a project officer in change of a children’s advocacy program based in Arusha for about 6 years.

It is her passion to serve the communities, namely women, children and youth whose rights are infringed and undervalued in all aspects of life. Her conviction is: “the life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” by Martin Luther King.

Consolata is fluent in both English and Swahili.

Lawi B. Msemwa

Programme Manager

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He holds Bachelor Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies (With Honors) from The University of Dodoma (UDOM) since 2017, and is currently pursuing Master’s Degree in Co-operative and Community Development at Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU). 

He has diverse experience in the fields of Environmental issues, Community works, Policy analysis, Researches, Disability matters, Gender, Leadership, Advocacy & Lobbying, Facilitation and Planning. Lawi’s conviction is based on Ethics in Professionalism, Volunteerism as well as “Sincere and Sacrificial Giving To The Needy”. His interest and hobbies is on Reading books, Learning from others, Sharing Success Stories, Outreach activities and Mentorship.

He is well conversant in both English and Swahili.

Eva Minja

Business Development and Marketing Officer

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She is a Business Development and Marketing Officer at TUSONGE. She has entrepreneurship and community development skills and is open to learning and helping others achieve their goals.

She believes that ‘Dreams do not work unless you do’
Eva is fluent in both English and Swahili.

Haikael E. Manase

Program Officer

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She holds an advanced diploma in social work and has been a practicing social worker since 2015.

Before being appointed as a Programme Officer – Economic Empowerment.  Haika was previous working as volunteer in TUSONGE for all most 3 months. She is a young lady experienced in community development works.
She is passionate in changing community perception on social and economic aspects. She believes that, community are surrounded by full of resources what we need as community development activist is to transform their mindset into a better utilization of available resources.
She also advocacy for gender justice and equal rights for all. Haika is open-minded, positive and eager to learn from others as she believes that learning is an endless journey.

Her main role in TUSONGE is overall in charge of all community issues under Economic Empowerment program.

Asanterabi Msechu

Assistant Accountant

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Holds Bachelor degree of Economics and finance of the Institute of Accountancy of Arusha since 2020.

He has vast experiences of working with Non-Governmental Organisations in the field of financial and accounting matters with good command in multiple accounting software.

His main role at TUSONGE CDO is to assist Chief accountant in organisational financial and accounting matters.

He is well conversant in English and Swahili languages.

Ainea Petro


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He is TUSONGE’s driver since 2014.
He is in charge of the organization/ project motor vehicle and ensuring that team members are driven in a safe and timely manner to their destinations so that they can attend to their work.

He is fluent in Swahili.

Hosiana Minja

Office Attendant

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She is among TUSONGE’s beneficiaries since 2011. Due to her appealing performance, she was recruited as office attendant to add value in her income.

She is a single mother with one son.
She is fluent in Swahili.

Nice Daudi

Assistant Programme Officer – WLER

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He hold a Bachelor’s degree in Regional Development Planning from the Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) – Dodoma.  He is currently working with TUSONGE as an Assistant Project Officer under the Women’s Leadership and Economic Rights Project based in the Singida region.  His experiences of working with multiple community development organizations have rendered him vast experiences.  He has skills and experiences in sanitation, microfinance, early childhood education, facilitation, gender, life skills and vocational education training.  

Nice Daudi believes that changing the community is a result of joint efforts and not a single individual effort.  

He is married and father to two beautiful children, and fluent in both English and Swahili language


Wendy-brenda Mwakio

Assistant Programme Officer – WLER

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She hold a Bachelor degree in Rural Development from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) – Morogoro.  She is currently working with TUSONGE as an Assistant Project Officer under the Women’s Leadership and Economic Rights Project based in Arusha Region.  Wendy-brenda has skills and experiences in communication, documentation, gender, advocacy, community-centred approaches, facilitation skills, mentorship and coaching to adolescent girls.  Her absolute desire, passion and dream to explore communities to learn and adopt diverse cultures respectfully who have been forgotten, sidelined, and undermined.

Food for thought is “IT’S NOW OR NEVER!”.

She is fluent in both English and Swahili languages



Martha Robert

Programme Officer – WLER

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Martha Robert is a community development practitioner with both Master and Bachelor degree in Community and rural development correspondingly.  Martha has ten years’ of experience rooted in project development and implementation.  Also, she is engaged in research as an area of her interest for more than  years.

Currently is working with TUSONGE as a Project Officer for the Women Leadership and Economic Rights project – WLER based in Moshi Kilimanjaro.

The main role is to provide support to the WLER team in Singida and Arusha.  Martha is passionate about being part of community positive change.