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Activities done in Nutshel –Bigger picture since 2014 todate
  1. Entrepreneurship, Business innovation, VICOBA and Financial management training
  2.  Value Chains, Markets and Marketing strategies training
  3. Digital market training through mobosoko application and online consultancy service on psychology, legal and economic through Mshikamano hub application
  4. Women empowerment training on leadership, decision making and ownership rights.
  5. Weekly Mentorship and coaching support
  6. Monthly Monitoring and Evaluation
Target reached in Economic Empowerment project (Disaggregated data)
  • Total number of 1360 people reached whereby (Women 890, Men 262, Youth 166 and PWDs 42) at Msaranga, Mbokomu, Ivaeny and Biriri wards.
Key achievement noted in Economic empowerment project 2014 to date.
  • 98% of TUSONGE beneficiaries increased their business capital from 50,000Tshs to 800,000Ths and above 
  • 53% of the trained beneficiaries build houses and connected water and electricity 
  • 17women beneficiaries worn leadership position at local levels.
  • 146 vulnerable children supported by TUSONGE beneficiaries on food and school materials.
  • Expansion of market opportunities to trained beneficiaries 
  • Enhanced collaboration with expertise such as SIDO, VETA,
  • Financial institution, NGOs, Education institution,
  • 97 women beneficiaries owned land after TUSONGE intervention.
  • 62 community members received formal employment from TUSONGE beneficiaries in soap making and farming business.
  • 7 best practices on the application of care economy principles documented and shared.
  • 82 beneficiaries from farming business sector   applied ecological farming methods such as drip irrigation, composite manure and animal dungs.
  • 7 demonstration farms established and well-functioning at Mbokomu, Ivaeny and Biriri Wards.  
  • 60 women beneficiaries experienced violence and reported to relevancy authorities.  
  • Increase publicity of organization activities through the use of social media such as Nguvu yetu, Instagram,facebook and twitter 
Impact realized
  • Former Group leaders from Majengo ward, managed to formulate two new VICOBA groups and they continued to enhance their capacity to grow and improve their business.
  • Attitudes towards domestic violence on both women and men changed
  • Women invested their profits into their children education, health care and nutrition in three meals per day.
  • Changes in traditional business and farming practices to team work and care economy, 
    Saving culture instilled in beneficiaries 
  • Linkage between project beneficiaries and chain actors 
  • 4 learning sites Established and functioning at  Msaranga,  Mbokomu, Ivaeny and Biriri Wards in Kilimanjaro region. 
  • TUSONGE acquired International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)