Disability Inclusion

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Key Achievements
  1. Formation of two active unions of persons with disabilities (Union of People with Disability at Njiapanda Ward and the Kilimanjaro Women and Girls with Disabilities Platform
  2. Learning site established and actively working at Njiapanda Ward
  3. Increased networking and partners working on Disability matters to more than 13 partners
  4. Increased confidence among PWDs to speak on their rights before their families and public at large
  5. Link PWDs with rehabilitation and medical care support.
  6. About four (04) Inclusive facilities, Wooden stand frame, Mobile standing frame, Iron Standing frame, T-Seat and have been bought from CCBRT to facilitate knowledge on assistive devices for visitors and rehabilitation support to the field.
  7. About 18 VICOBA Groups each with 30 project beneficiaries have been established and actively operating
  8. A total of 05 Njiapanda LGAs have received refresher training on disability inclusion
  9. A total of 03 Baseline Survey and 03 Endline survey reports are in place already and have been serving as a benchmark for identifying project impacts to the community
Impacts Realised
  1. Formation of PWDs union and CWDs mother’s committee to advocate for their rights
  2. Formation of community learning center with inclusive facilities and infrastructures.
  3. Access to assistive devices among PWDs have promoted them to interact with wider
  4. Community and work comfortably.
  5. The presence of Inclusive facilities at TUSONGE building serves for continuous learning to
    other organizations visiting TUSONGE for learning purposes
  6. Increased community disclosure and, support and respect PWDs rights from families to
  7. Following refresher training to Religious leaders, Inclusive facilities such as ramps have
    been built to allow PWDs to attend religious sessions easily
  8. The presence of soft loans in VICOBA groups have supported beneficiaries to establish and run income-generating activities
  9. TUSONGE has supported PWDs in accessing soft loans from 2% of District councils.
  10. The project has been potential to offer LGAs with PWDs database for planning and
    inclusion purposes
  11. Participation in disability inclusion events have helped TUSONGE to learn more on
    disability and become more inclusive in its interventions
Activities done since 2018 TO DATE
  1. Conduct mobilization and formation of VICOBA Groups
  2. Entrepreneurship skills training to all project beneficiaries have been conducted
  3. Financial management skills training to all project beneficiaries have been conducted
  4. VICOBA skills training to all project beneficiaries have been conducted
  5. Vocation Education Training (VET) skills training to all project beneficiaries have been conducted
  6. Conduct Learning exchange visits for all group members to vocational training facilities for experience sharing
  7. Conduct coaching and support to all VICOBA groups and the Union of Persons with disabilities
  8. Conduct home-based visits to project beneficiaries especially PWDs at their homes
  9. Link Persons with Disabilities to service providers such as Health,
  10. Financial and Legal institutions
  11. Conduct public awareness-raising campaigns using the caravan to raise PWDs, Women, and Children rights
  12. Carryout Capacity building to the Union of Persons with Disabilities on advocacy and lobbying skills
  13. Quarterly Testing and refining of Disability Mainstreaming Check-list (DMC) tool as a guide used to incorporate PWDs issues in all TUSONGE programs
  14. Formation of Women Changing Agent Network of mothers having Children with Disabilities (CWDs)
  15. Attendance at learning and networking events related to disability inclusion at local, national, and international level
  16. Support Community Champions on furthers dissemination of the knowledge gained from project interventions
  17. Quarterly documentation of key learnings and impact stories on disability inclusion in livelihoods
  18. Formation of child rights clubs primary schools in Njia Panda Ward to raise awareness of the rights of Children with Disabilities and follow up support
  19. To conduct annually Baseline Survey and Endline survey to assess Project impacts to all beneficiaries
  20. To conduct awareness-raising sessions through media and use of the caravan
  21. Training to all project beneficiaries on different disabilities and impairments to be supportive to PWDs
  22. Capacity building to all project beneficiaries on Banking knowledge & linking with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)

Total Beneficiaries Reached 540.