Advancing Equality Through Human Rights

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  1. May 2014 Project Presentation and inception in Moshi Municipal and Siha District with a total of 368 as local government leaders, CSO representatives and potential beneficiaries
  2. October 2014 a 2-day baseline orientation and study The main objective of the baseline study was to establish pre-operation conditions as a point of reference and benchmark for the project implementations
  3. December 2014 – February 2015 the data was analyzed, reporting and sharing of the results to the communities in a very simplified and participatory manner.
  4. 18th – 23rd May 2015 The National Human rights training conducted with 24 participants conducted with specific Action plans for each community to implement
  5. Implementation of the Community Action Projects June – Sept 2015 in Msaranga, Ivaeny and Biriri that focus on corporal punishment, child labor and participation of women in decision making by CAP teams.
  6. Community forums October – Feb 2016; Orientation and implementation of the Community Forums with the human rights teams in Biriri, Ivaeny and Msaranga to enable communities identify issue of HR in their own communities and come up with some action plan for minimizing them.
  7. National Training on how to use the Action Guide and implementation of the community human rights projects by the community members and cluster Organizations in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions and the second phase 17 organizations trained on how to implement the community actions in Njoro Viwanda and Sokoni, and Akeri Ward in Tengeru
  8. Coaching and support the CAP teams on the community forums planned activities
  9. Implementation of the community dialogues in Moshi and Arusha 2.
  10. Mid Project Evaluation on participation of women in decision making with leaders and community members from Biriri, Ivaeny and Msaranga.
  11. Implementation of the community dialogues in Moshi and Arusha.
  12. Implementation of the Regional forums in Arusha and Moshi.
  13. Activities September – October, 2019 Baseline Survey and orientation to the intermediaries in 4 Districts of Moshi, Siha, Arusha City and Meru
  14. Baseline Dissemination events and orientation
  15. Workshop 1: Advancing Equality: An Introduction to a HRBA with a Gender perspective Workshop 2: Advancing Equality: Planning for Action,
  16. Implementation of the community actions The Annual Planning and MKUKI Coalition Meeting with Intermediaries
  17. Community Forums orientation, planning and implementation in four districts July – September 2021.

18 intermediary’s organizations dealing with human rights in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions.

  1. Use of participatory approach promoted equal opportunities for each individual to share their issues and also unfold the issue which are hidden /covered by the culture of silence into the open discussion.
  2. used in conducting the baseline study and dissemination of the results were consistently validated by community members, leaders and stakeholders
  3. Intermediaries effectively use approaches that promote gender equality in their work with key actors, including children and/or youth.
  4. Intermediaries and stakeholders implementing strategic actions based on national and international norms related to the rights of children and/or youth and in support of gender equality
  5. Intermediaries have increased knowledge and skills to effectively engage community members, including children and/or youth, in collaborative actions