This is the non-governmental, non-partisan vibrant organization of likeminded individuals with a commitment of encouraging and promoting community development initiatives at grassroots levels. It is an NGO registered and started her operations in Kilimanjaro region since 2011. Reg. Number is 73437 and 2013 TUSONGE received a certificate of Compliance with the Tanzania NGO Act 2002 number 00NGO/R1/00206.

The main focus of TUSONGE work is to offer comprehensive support to women, children, youth and people with disabilities by promoting equal participation, access to socio-cultural, economic justices, human rights education, and free from gender based violence.


Economic empowerment

Ongoing capacity building on entrepreneurship, in the communities using the established community learning center.

Advancing equality through Human rights

Ongoing support of the communities to identify their current human rights issues and develop their own action plan for implementation


Linkage of PWDS to various services (rehabilitation, medical, DPOs ,counselling, financial opportunities and  attending  various decision making platforms.)


God is great! I started with a retail shop where I was only earning 3,000tsh per day. Today I have made some significant changes of earning a profit of 100,000tsh to 150,000tsh per day. I came to realize that the importance of record keeping and avoid unnecessary expenditures have increased my daily sales. The ability to access loan from the VICOBA group for me it was real a great support.

Dominick S Njau


Actually we had some family challenges in terms of development because my wife was not given a space to share. I have completely noted some advantage of involving my wife in all matters related to our family welfare. Now we are happy and actually the daily income has gone up since I never spend any money without consulting her.

Jumanne S Jambia


Every child has a right to play and socialize. TUSONGE influenced well wishers to support buying of a tricycle for Omari.Education is the right for every child. Omari through TUSONGE groups is now supported to read and write. Omari and other kids supported by TUSONGE groups posing for group photo with some beneficiaries of TUSONGE project

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