Economic Empowerment Project


Name: Jumanne S Jambia

Sex: Male
Age: 60 years old
Location: Miembeni Hamlet

Activity: Tailor

KEY CHANGES AS A RESULT OF TUSONGE TRAINING: He is the one of the beneficiary of the human rights and gender training Initially before the training as a good Moslem man, I never believed that my wife need to be involved in any decision which involve my family matters. I knew that she was there to listen and to obey orders from me only.
During the human rights training I wish to confess that it was an eye opener to me. It facilitated my TURNING POINT. Actually we had some family challenges in terms of development because my wife was not given a space to share. I have completely noted some advantage of involving my wife in all matters related to our family welfare. Now we are happy and actually the daily income has gone up since I never spend any money without consulting her. I also wish to regret the mistreatment which I did to my daughter who got married to Christians.
After the training I summoned a family meeting to reconcile and share my born again life of considering others equally in any process.


Name: Angelister Shayo
Sex: Female
Age: 50years
Location: Majengo – Arabica
Activity: Entrepreneur (Small Business) Duka and Kibanda

Activity Location: Miembeni Hamlet

CHANGES AFTER TRAINING: : She is an important adviser on HIV/AIDS within the community that surrounds her She also live with her daughter who is affected by HIV/AIDS and she know how to provide support or any other kind of help.
Before the training she was discriminating her daughter in many ways. As a mother I discouraged my family to share toile and some food utensils with the sick child.
“Nilikuwa nikimnyanyasa mwanangu bila ya mimi kufahamu hivyo alikuwa akijisikia vibaya sasa nimebadilika tunashirikiana kwa mapendo na ninamsaidia kwa namna yoyote ile bila ya yeye kujisikia vibaya” said by Angelister Also she convinces two people (her neighbor) to access VCT for the HIV/AIDS testing.

She encourages them to test after seeing that they are suffering from various diseases, but now they have a good health and continue with their activities simply because they attended VCT In my community I have been given a popular name as counselor.

Nimejikuta ninaitwa mama ushauri katika jamii inayonizunguka, wengine huniita nesi hivyo wanakuja kwangu kila mara wapatapo tatizo la kiafya. Hii imekuwa changamoto kwangu, kwani wakati mwingine wanakuja hata wale wenye matatizo yaliyoko nje ya uwezo wangu” said by Angelister.


Name : Dominick S Njau
Sex: Male
Age : 30 years old
Location : Miembeni
Activity: Entrepreneur
Activity Location: Miembeni Hamlet

CHANGES AFTER TRAINING: God is great! I started with a retail shop where I was only earning 3,000tsh per day. Today I have made some significant changes of earning a profit of 100,000tsh to 150,000tsh per day. I came to realize that the importance of record keeping and avoid unnecessary expenditures have increased my daily sales. The ability to access loan from the VICOBA group for me it was real a great support.

Initially I tried to access loan from other Microfinance Institution where the key question for me was not having Collateral! Through TUSONGE I started with business capital of 50,000Tsh now I am able to access 1,500,000Tsh.

Dominick Njau in his retail shop before marriage

Dominick Njau wedding party with some of group members

Dominick’s wife she is now running their family Retail shop while husband is now a transporter

Dominick Njau started with a retail shop, he now owns a Motorbike –a profit out of the former retail shop In his interview Dominic plans to buy a second motorbike next year for additional income and employment to others

Name: Jen Lyimo
 Jen Lyimo in her retail shop before training from TUSONGE.






Jen Lyimo in her retail Shop 2 years after TUSONGE training. Additional improvements as she is now selling gas cookers and energy saving stoves

Name: Halima

Halima at her business premises after attaining entrepreneurship skills from TUSONGE. She sells second hand shoes
Two years later Halima attained entrepreneurship skills increased her capital from 300,000 to 1,500,000/=



As a result of increased business income Halima has decided to construct rooms for renting

Additional income for Halima from her shop
Halima ensures close monitoring of her shopkeeper to track daily sales

Name: Omari
Every child has a right to play and socialize. TUSONGE influenced well wishers to support buying of a tricycle for Omari.Education is the right for every child. Omari through TUSONGE groups is now supported to read and write. Omari and other kids supported by TUSONGE groups posing for group photo with some beneficiaries of TUSONGE project

Name: Benedict Munuo

Age: 46 years old

My name is Benedict Munuo aged 46 years old with 3 children. I never imagined at my age that I could sit in a class to learn and implement basic entrepreneurship. We have a cows project at home with my wife but after this training and joining VICOBA I was able to access a loan worthy 350,000Tsh which jointly with my wife we have decided to invest in tomato farming using irrigation. Following the harvesing and sale of tomatoes, I managed to add one small cow as well as being able to pay school fees for my son. My future dream is also to construct a modern house for my family.. before he gained support from TUSONGE groups Hosiana Kileo in her first step of engaging in tomato small scale agriculture after TUSONGE SMEs training
Left picture is Benedict Munuo in his tomato farm and the right picture is a dam he uses for irrigation

Name: Mama Mlyauki

Mama Mlyauki improved housing condition and clean water

Name: Hosiana Kileo
Age: 48 years old

My name is Hosiana Kileo, I am 48 Years old. Before TUSONGE intervention I was a house wife engaging in domestic activities, after joining TUSONGE groups, I managed to prepare and implement my business plan for tomato agriculture. . Through the plan I have managed to prepare the plots for tomato farming. My capital has increased from 50,000tsh to 300,000tsh therefore I am not a house wife now rather a woman entrepreneur.